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It’s still a good time to buy!

Make an Offer While Interest Rates are Still Low

Most home buyers are challenged to find a house in a neighborhood they like at a price they can afford. Interest rates are beginning to rise, and they will continue inching upward until you may find yourself unable to qualify for the home you want. As interest rates increase, monthly payments increase. Finding a home that is appropriate for one’s lifestyle at an affordable price is always the challenge. As interest rates and monthly payments increase, you will need to start looking at less expensive houses for the same monthly payment. For example, if you aren’t really impressed with a $600,000 house now, you’ll be very “disenchanted” looking at $500,000 houses a few months from now after mortgage rates increase.

Faced with this challenge, many would-be home buyers will simply continue renting as they hope for conditions to return to the past. It may not happen in your productive lifetime. If you can qualify to buy an acceptable home now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started finding one that’s right for you and make an offer!

Find Your Dream Home

5 Ways a Professional Can Help You Buy a House

You’ll learn a lot when an experienced Realtor helps you. Here’s how.

1. Hundreds of websites enable you to sift through thousands of homes with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you’re looking for. But there’s a lot more science to finding the house that’s right for you than simple parameters. There are actually 12 main personal considerations, aside from size shape and price, that help determine if a home is right for an individual. You’ll spend less time and have more fun while house-hunting when your real estate professional understands your wants, as well as you needs. Jim Carvin’s comprehensive Buyer Program begins with a short, in-person interview where you and Jim both learn what truly moves you.

2. Jim’s professional help and representation for buyers is generally free. When a seller lists their house for sale, the seller agrees to pay a commission that is shared by both his agent your buyer’s agent. In all but the most unusual circumstances, your buyer’s agent can expect to be paid from the money that the seller gets from the house. Jim can show you how to make sure you never have to pay for his agency representation.

3. You need a professional of your own, who’s on your side, to negotiate against the seller’s agent. The seller’s agent is fighting to get the most for their client, and is not obligated to tell you everything you need to know to get the best deal or to protect yourself.

4. Jim Carvin knows how to formulate an appealing offer, according to your abilities, and knows what it takes for an offer to be complete, according to what the seller and their agent expects.

5. The process of making offers, counter offers, and repair requests, can often become like playing a chess game, and you don’t want to be at the mercy of the seller’s agent. They’re looking out for the seller’s best interest. All too often, a house hunter will visit an open house and buy directly through the seller’s agent, even after that buyer has begun working with his/her own agent. This can be a very risky, and a very expensive idea.

After an offer is accepted, a seller has to disclose everything about the house to the buyer. And the buyer has to study all the disclosures and reports to make sure there’s nothing frightening about the house. Jim Carvin will explain all the disclosures and make sure you understand them, and understand your rights. Jim will also get a homeowner’s insurance quote for you, so you’ll know if the house has any issues that might cause a policy to be unreasonably high, such as being close to fault lines, on an unstable hillside, or any number of other risks. A seller’s agent may not be so eager to point out the issues you really need to be concerned with.

It’s easy to understand how an experienced buyer’s agent, with a complete Buyer’s Program can make your house hunting experience a lot more fun and certainly safer. Jim Carvin asks the right questions and listens to what’s important to you. He’s intent on finding the right home for you, rather than showing you a countless number of houses with the right number of beds and baths. He will also clear up any confusion with the process and guide your through any possible minefields and make your home buying experience a good one.

After the sale, he’ll make sure you know how to contact utility companies in time to switch over service to you, so you won’t be without power or water.

It’s still a great time to buy! Prices have softened, interest rates are low, and there is plenty of inventory to choose from.

Buying your next home should be fun! Call Jim Carvin now to set up an appointment.