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Bread is Now Poison?


Farmers Gone Wild!

When I first heard about mad scientists mutating wheat to the point where bread is now bad for you, I must say, I wasn’t surprised. Nothing seems to surprise me too much anymore. I think the daily news is enough to have numbed us to the point where absurdities are now the norm.

As we even get into this article, I want you to know that I have found sources for wheat that has not been adulterated, so we don’t have to completely abstain from bread in order to avoid the myriad of health problems that “Frankin-Wheat” is causing.

This post will take you along the trail I followed as I discovered some saddening truths about a food I love. I have included videos and several links to the sources that contributed to this exposé. For the sake of simplicity and space, I won’t reiterate all the points made in the videos and linked pages, assuming you’ve watched or checked them before reading on. I apologize if some of these YouTube videos are preceded by short commercials.

What initially caught my attention was an interview with Dr. William Davis on CBS News. He is a Preventative Cardiologist who lives in Wisconsin. This first video, and all of the support links, will open in a new browser window so you don’t lose this article.

Watch the CBS News Video


Then I found this 2-part interview on FOX6.

Part 1
Part 2

You may be thinking, “Can’t I just buy organic and non GMO foods? What’s the big deal?”

As in so many areas of our lives today, those who we look to for honesty are playing word games. The food scientists found a way to transform the 4-5 foot high natural wheat into 18-24 inch dwarf plants that produce 9-10 times as much grain. So there’s obviously some greed involved, and here’s how they avoid the GMO label that would inhibit sales.

They genetically altered wheat in a much more diabolical way than is defined as genetic modification. Using a procedure called chemical mutagenesis, they expose the seed to a poisonous chemical plus radiation. And somehow, this all falls under the auspice of traditional plant breeding or hybridization.

Don’t bother looking for “Non-GMO and Organic” wheat, wheat berries, or breads. Modern “monster bush” wheat can legally be labeled Non-GMO and USDA Organic. The organic part is easy if even the bugs don’t want it. Now you must search for wheat grain products labeled “Non-Hybridized”, “Ancient Grain”, or “Heirloom.”

Read more here.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Gluten

as long isn’t from natural wheat.

If You Want Good Fresh Wheat Products, Make Them Yourself

This is the hard part, but fun if you have the time. And you can take to a couple different levels. You can purchase ancient grain flours and you can also buy the seeds, or “wheat berries,” as they’re called and grind your own fresh flour. Good equipment for milling grain and for mixing dough is not cheap, but it’s cheaper and a lot more fun than being sick.

Einkorn Berries

Einkorn Flour and Berries on Amazon (Enter keyword einkorn)

Einka (Another brand of Einkorn)

Kamut Khorasan Wheat (Some call it King Tut wheat, others say it’s not wheat)

Recipes for using these ingredients abound online. In upcoming posts I may offer some that work for me.