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Current Charts & Trends

Current Charts & Trends Live Market Trend Chars Are Here From 2008 to the present, these charts give you an accurate visual of various market trends including Median sales prices; Monthly Sales numbers; and Inventory (how many houses are on the market). See Live Market Trend Charts Now!

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Jim’s Movie Picks

See These On Amazon Instant Video and Netflix If you have subscribed to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you have lots of great movies to choose from. (If this sounds like an advertisement, see Fire the Phone Company.) All the movies on Netflix are included with your subscription (no additional charge). Many of the movies on […]

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Bread is Now Poison?

NOVEMBER 2014 Farmers Gone Wild! When I first heard about mad scientists mutating wheat to the point where bread is now bad for you, I must say, I wasn’t surprised. Nothing seems to surprise me too much anymore. I think the daily news is enough to have numbed us to the point where absurdities are […]

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Fire the Phone Company

NOVEMBER 2014 Pay as Much per Year as You Now Pay per Month for Home Entertainment and Telephone A couple of years ago, I put an end to paying exorbitant fees for my home entertainment and telephone. Whenever I sell a house and the buyers ask me about the utilities, I share this concept, and […]

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