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Jim Carvin Loves an Adventure, So He Stays in Orange County

The Place to Be…

jimcarvin wbkg4354RGB_96x125The same magnetism that attracts people from all over the world continues to captivate.

The mountains, the deserts, the beaches, are all within minutes. The shopping, entertainment, sports, restaurants, an international mix, and an air of success all make Orange County the place to be.

Jim especially enjoys outdoor activities, often leading like-minded recreationists on adventures through the state’s many wilderness areas. As Jim puts it, “these are things you just don’t get tired of. It’s great to live where others come to vacation!”

Life is What You Make It

aloha135Whether it’s spending time with his wife, Chi, and his son, Jay, or working in his career as a leading real estate professional, Jim never loses sight of the fact that life is worth living. “If you can’t enjoy life and what you do for a living, then what good is it?” asks Jim rhetorically. “I think the most important lesson of all is that life, and beyond, is what you choose to make it. And I want to make it as nice as possible for my family and my clients as well.”

Jim’s unique passion and insight into the Orange County lifestyle allow him to play an integral part in helping his clients reach their personal goals. Jim really listens to the desires of his clients, and his extensive knowledge and love for the area ensures he finds the ideal property to meet their specific needs.

A Down to Earth Philosophy

shuttle135A long-ago graduate aerospace designer, Jim gave the same quality of service to the projects of local electronics companies as he did to components of Rockwell’s Space Shuttle Program. “I’m so used to designing everything to the hilt that it would be difficult for me to figure how to cut corners… so I design everything to Mil-Spec,” he remembers telling one elated entrepreneur.

Jim has never lost that philosophy and has the same system of service to market a condo that he has for a luxury estate. Cutting corners just doesn’t occur to Jim Carvin.

A Complete Success

So when you’re ready to buy or sell your next property in the Orange County area, turn to Jim Carvin for some friendly professional service. He knows the Orange County lifestyle as well as anyone, and can make your next move a complete success. When you love what you do, the results speak for themselves.

Call Jim today to find your ideal place to stay in Orange County. (714) 925-1599

…The Place to Stay